Guide to Laws for People in the Entertainment Industry in California

Here are a few select laws related to the entertainment industry in California, particularly related to actors. This page will be developed further soon.

Does a talent agency need a special license or permit to operate?

Yes.1Labor Code 1700.5

Does a person providing or representing child performers need a special license or permit?


Does a teacher for child actors need a certification?


Can a casting workshop charge for access to auditions?

No. This is often referred to as an “advance-fee talent representation service.” The penalty is up to 1 year in county jail and/or a $10,000 fine. However, this does not apply to certain non profits or educational institutions.2Labor Code 1702

Can an actor or other entertainment worker require IMDb (or similar site) to remove their age?

No. Although the state legislature passed a law in 2016 requiring IMDb to remove ages when requested, a court has struck down that law as a violation of free speech. Yes, under a new California law, the website must remove a person’s age if requested.3Xavier Becerra v IMDb; AB 1687

Can an actor or other entertainment worker require a talent listing service IMDb (or similar site) to remove other information?

If a “talent listing service” (which includes IMDb) offers to display information or photos of an artist, the artist may later request that the talent service remove that information. The talent service then must remove the information or photos within 10 days.4Labor Code 1703(c); definition of talent listing service in Labor Code 1701(g)


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