Confused by the cell phone driving laws? We’ll give you some clarity

Using a cell phone in any way while driving certainly adds some risk to an already risky activity, and most people know that it is probably illegal in some way. You may decide to do it anyway and face the legal risk in addition to the safety risk.  And in truth, if you violate the cell phone driving laws, you only face a $20 ticket for the first infraction. But you can be pulled over solely on the basis of this infraction, which not only is a hassle when you are trying to get somewhere, but could lead the police officer to discover other infractions you may be committing.

Avoid all this by following these simple rules:

While driving, you may not hold a cell phone or other communications device, except that if you are over 18, you may hold a phone:

a. to dial a phone number or find a contact to call;

b. to look at a maps app;

c. in an emergency.

If you are over 18, you may use a hands free device, like bluetooth, but you may not have both ears covered.

If you are under 18, you may NOT use either handheld OR hands free device while driving, EXCEPT in an emergency.


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