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Don’t Post Nude Pics of Your Ex, Or You Could End Up in Jail Like Noe Iniguez

partially nude revenge porn

A Los Angeles man was recently convicted under California’s new “Revenge Porn” law. The law, which went into force in October 2013, makes it illegal to post or send out nude photos of someone who had allowed you to take them but where there was an understanding that they would remain private. (A law has already existed for awhile that makes

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Street Harassment: Hurtful, and Much of it is Illegal in California and Other States

Woman in despair against brick wall

Over 34 million people have now seen this video showing some of the harassment a woman experienced while walking the streets of New York City for 10 hours: Hollaback!, the non-profit organization that produced the video, wanted to start a conversation, and they got one – both positive and very, very negative. The woman appearing in the video, Shoshana Roberts, has received plenty of

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Did the propositions you voted for pass? So now what happens?

VOTED stamp

Update Nov 2018: We see this post is still getting some traction, even though it’s old news. To get info on ballot propositions in general, check out our Guide to the Rules for Ballot Propositions in California You voted! See wasn’t that fun? Wait you did vote, right? Well regardless, we now have some new laws and government action, effective today (ballot initiatives

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Getting legal advice over the phone can be as quick and easy as ordering a pizza

Legal advice like pizza delivery

Have you ever had a burning legal question and needed to talk to a lawyer about it NOW? With new services from and*, it’s now much easier to get a real attorney on the phone right away, answering your questions.’s Avvo Advisor promises to get you a satisfactory answer from an attorney within 30 minutes or it’s free. Sounds a lot like ordering

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What does it mean for the federal government to “recognize” same sex marriage?

Same sex wedding

As expected, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Saturday that the federal government will now recognize same sex marriages performed in the latest 6 states to get marriage equality. Now, the federal government recognizes (there’s that word again) such marriages performed in all 32 states (and DC) which currently have marriage equality [shown in blue in the map]. “Samesex marriage in USA” by Lokal_Profil – Vector

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In Sex Ed, Telling Kids to “Wait Until Marriage” Doesn’t Work. But What About “Wait a Few Years”?

Sex Education

It’s well documented that abstinence-only programs, which merely preach to kids about waiting to have sex until marriage, aren’t effective. The programs don’t actually reduce teen sexual activity, and because they don’t discuss proper use of contraception, they likely increase the risk of teen pregnancy and STDs. Despite this evidence, many states’ education policies still emphasize abstinence programs, and 46% of boys and 33%

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NY Finally Agrees to Fulfill its Constitutional Duty to Provide Adequate Public Defense

Gov Andrew Cuomo speaks

As of today, New Yorkers will be ensured access to a right that all people in the U.S. are entitled to. Which right is that? We all have the “right to counsel,” which in part means that if you are charged with a serious crime but cannot afford an attorney, the government must provide you with a defense attorney free of charge.* The basic

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You are 6 Minutes Away from Understanding the 6 California Ballot Propositions for Nov 4 Election

California bear flag

The words “ballot proposition” may not sound very fun or sexy, but it’s actually an awesome opportunity for each of us to play lawmaker for a day. Unfortunately it’s also an opportunity for this guy to play lawmaker: At least you can make sure to cancel out his votes. Here’s what you need to know to be an informed voter and not

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Report Shows Up to 72% of Airbnbs in NYC are Illegal; Govt to Step up Enforcement

Bnb bed and breakfast sign

A report released yesterday reveals that up to 72% of Airbnb listings in New York City violate state and/or city laws which prohibit renting out an apartment for less than 30 days.1New York state Multiple Dwellings Law and New York City Administrative Code 27-2004(a)(8) both prohibit most apartment buildings from being rented out for a period of less than 30 days. See also NY Attorney General Airbnb Report,

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