California has received over $6 Billion in unclaimed property. Is any of it yours?

Gold bars and coins unclaimed property

In case you missed the post on Law Soup a couple weeks ago, the government may be holding some money or personal items in your name, just waiting for you to claim it! Yes, it’s legit.

You see, if a company or individual owes you money but can’t find you for some reason (maybe you moved, etc), after a certain amount of time they are legally required to send it to the government’s “Unclaimed Property” department. As of 2012, California has received over $6 billion in unclaimed property. Could any of that be yours? (I recently found $50 in my name!)

Seriously, it couldn’t be easier. Just search here and type in your name (city is optional, and best to leave it blank for the broadest search). If you find anything, you may be able to claim it electronically if it’s under $1,000. It’s like finding money in your pocket or an old piece of furniture that you forgot about.

Also be sure to check any other state where you have lived, worked, received mail, or conducted any transactions. Let me know if you find anything!

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