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New marijuana farmers market in L.A. ordered temporarily shut down

The recently opened marijuana farmers market in Boyle Heights was shut down temporarily until a judge determines whether it should be allowed or not. So who is to blame/thank for this? 1. L.A. voters who approved Proposition D in 2013 (and eligible voters who didn’t vote), which restricts where pot shops could do business and the number of them that

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Help! I’m having problems with the product I bought but the seller isn’t cooperating!

So you bought a new gizmo and something’s not quite right. First you should of course contact the seller or manufacturer. If they are being shady and/or evasive, here’s what you need to know: What are my rights after buying a product? (1) You may reject (refuse to accept) a product that does not conform to the contract or the seller’s promises. The

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To curb drought, state officials impose fines on excessive water use

California’s drought is worsening by the day and state officials are dealing with the problem by imposing stringent new restrictions on residents’ water use. To reduce the severity of the drought and promote water conservation, the state Water Resources Control Board has enacted temporary emergency rules to fine individuals who are found to be using water excessively. The fine is a maximum $500/day. This is the first time the

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Taking Sparky for an elevator ride? Sorry but he’ll have to take the stairs in Glendale public buildings…

Here’s an odd one for you. The city of Glendale prohibits people from taking their dog on elevators in public buildings, which includes office or retail buildings.1Glendale Municipal Code 6.08.030 We aren’t quite sure why. Perhaps it’s because dogs can bite people easier in the confined space of an elevator? Anyone have a better guess? The law was passed only 10 years

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Good news for beachgoers

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law that makes it easier for beachgoers to assert their right to access all of 1,100 miles of California’s coast. Under the California Constitution, all of California’s beaches are “owned” by the public.1CA Const., art X, sec 4:”tidal lands” means up to the average high tide This means that nobody may deny access to this area, although many beachfront property owners

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