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California Covid Relief for Tenants

What are the Rules Regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) Relief for California Renters? The state of California has passed various rent relief programs and laws to protect tenants during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most recent is the Tenant Relief Act – SB91, which created the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. These rules modify the standard rules for tenants, which you can find at our Guide

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As a Lawyer for Freelancers, I Find California’s New Gig Worker Law (AB 5) Maddening

Note: In general, the content on Law Soup is presented in a neutral, straightforward way. This is an opinion piece, and as such, contains my opinions!   Ever heard of a Rube Goldberg machine? It’s a concept meaning an unnecessarily complicated system. And wow, is the new legal framework for determining who is a freelancer in California unnecessarily complicated! For

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New California Laws in 2020

The 33 New California Laws for 2020 that You Need to Know From new statewide rent control, to new limits on police use of deadly force, to an increase in the minimum wage, to a new requirement to have health insurance, and so much more, Californians will see some major changes and updates to the laws in 2020. Did you

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Gig Worker Law (AB5)

What’s the Deal with the New California Gig Worker Law (AB5)? A change is coming to freelancers and other workers in California, affecting a broad spectrum of people, including writers, designers, cosmetologists, and Uber/Lyft drivers. Some people are pleased with it, others… not so much. It’s a new state law taking effect in January 2020, known as AB5 (Assembly Bill

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